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With years of experience, we are always with you with pumpkin seed production, sales and screening (cleaning) services. We are packing in different weights according to the needs of your business. We are quite assertive in selling raw pumpkin seeds. Our company maintains its upward trend with our domestic and international sales. Being the best in this business is at the top of our goals since we only serve for pumpkin seeds. We provide the best service for pumpkin seeds with modern screening system.

The need for pumpkin seeds

You can contact us immediately for your different raw pumpkin seeds needs. Pumpkin seed varieties, seed pumpkin seeds, packaging in different weight ...

Pumpkin seed growing

You can browse our articles for pumpkin seed production and various information.

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pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds price

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Pumpkin growing takes an important place in our country. In addition, besides the use of pumpkins as food ingredients, the seeds of the pumpkin are consumed as nuts. Since pumpkin seeds have many benefits, pumpkins are grown for use as a nut as well as for eating. 38% of pumpkin farming is carried out in Kayseri in our country. Kayseri in Turkey ou ...

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